Join Steppe Off Road Mongolia LLC on a 10-day moto extreme tour through Mongolia's wild heart. Conquer towering sand dunes, ride through ancient desert terrain, and explore historical sites like Ongi Monastery and the Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag. Feel the rush of off-road riding while immersing in local culture. Enjoy panoramic city views, a cultural night show, and wildlife encounters in Khustai National Park. Unwind with personal reflection time. This adventure offers adrenaline, history, and the raw beauty of Mongolia, all from the seat of your motorcycle.

The sixth largest desert in the world. A harsh place to live but it's also one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mongolia. It is home to a wide range of wildlife. The highest point is situated at an altitude of 1520 meters above sea level while the Gobi itself covers over 1.3 square kilometers making it a perfect destination for those who love exploring on their Enduro bikes. This tour will take us through various terrains such as lost monasteries, rolling hills, sand dunes, high rocky formations, canyons, steppes that seem to go on forever, as well as small saxaul tree forests. Challenge your skills and feel the real adventure — all from the sturdy pegs of our Brand New Enduro Bike and KTM Motorcycles.


We'll see one of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets at the Flaming Cliffs and White Stupa;

Singing sands of Khongor; The ruins of Ongi Monastery; Granite formations of Baga Gazar Rocks;

And the last thing you'd expect in the desert: a whole valley of ice - Vulture Valley; and many more


Upon your arrival at Chinggis Khaan International Airport, your adrenaline-filled journey kicks off. You'll be picked up by your guide and transferred to your accommodation. After settling in, the first day is dedicated to exploring Ulaanbaatar, the vibrant capital city. You'll delve into Mongolian history at the Chinggis Khaan Museum, soak in panoramic views from Zaisan Hill, witness the grandeur of Chinggis Square, and enjoy shopping at the bustling State Department Store. In the afternoon, you'll receive a comprehensive safety briefing, setting the tone for the thrilling adventure ahead.

Leaving the urban landscape behind, you'll head to Mandalgobi Province. This is where your motorcycling journey truly begins. Your destination is the awe-inspiring White Stupa, a natural wonder that marks the entrance to the vast Mongolian steppe. This ride through the countryside will give you a taste of the open terrain and a sense of the incredible landscapes that lie ahead.

Continuing your off-road expedition, you'll reach Dalanzadgad, the gateway to the Gobi Desert. The contrasts of the desert landscape will become more evident as you ride through this arid region. You'll experience the raw beauty of the desert firsthand, passing through vast stretches of sand and rock formations as you journey deeper into the heart of Mongolia.

Today's destination is the legendary Khongor Sand Dunes. These towering dunes present an exhilarating challenge for your moto adventure. You'll test your skills as you tackle the shifting sands, reaching the top for panoramic views and a true sense of accomplishment. The sheer scale of the dunes will leave you in awe.

Prepare to be transported back in time as you ride to the Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag. These red and orange cliffs hide a treasure trove of ancient history, including dinosaur fossils that were first discovered here. You'll explore the cliffs and gain insights into Mongolia's prehistoric past, adding a layer of historical wonder to your journey.

Switching gears from the natural wonders, you'll head to Ongi Monastery, a site of cultural and historical significance. The ruins of this once-thriving complex offer a glimpse into Mongolia's spiritual history. You'll ride through the picturesque landscape surrounding the monastery, combining adventure with cultural exploration.

Another day to indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of the Mongolian sand dunes. Returning to the captivating sand dunes, you'll have another chance to indulge in the thrill of riding across the undulating landscapes. With newfound confidence and skills, you'll navigate the dunes with even more finesse, making the most of this unique experience. You'll have the opportunity for more sand dune exploration, camel rides, and to witness the stunning interplay of light and shadow across the desert landscape.

As your journey nears its end, you'll ride to Khustai National Park, known for its conservation efforts for the Przewalski's horse, a rare species of wild horse. You'll encounter diverse landscapes, from grasslands to forests, as you ride through the park. Keep an eye out for the wildlife that inhabits this area, adding an element of nature exploration to your adventure.

Today is for you to relish your personal time. Whether you choose to explore more of Ulaanbaatar, relax, or simply reflect on your journey, this day is about savoring the moments. In the evening, a night show presents live music and dance, a delightful cultural farewell to Mongolia.

On your last day, you'll bid farewell to the land of endless horizons. You'll be transferred to the airport with memories of vast landscapes, challenging rides, historical sites, and warm hospitality. This moto extreme tour through Mongolia will remain etched in your memory as a truly unforgettable adventure.

Your 10-day moto extreme tour in Mongolia offers a thrilling blend of adrenaline, nature, history, and culture, allowing you to experience the country's diverse facets from the seat of your motorcycle.


  • A fleet of Brand New 2023 model electric start KTM Enduro 450 motorbikes. All bikes come with original high-quality tires, bars, chains & sprockets. Brand New, Well Prepared, and Ready for a REAL Off-Road Adventure!
  • All Fuel Costs and Mechanical Support
  • Experienced French/English/Russian-speaking Motorcycle Guides & Crew
  • Quality 4WD Support Vehicles. Enclosed Luggage Trailers, Spare Parts. (Limited seats available in 4x4 for non-riders)
  • Up to Three days of Quality Twin or Double share excellent accommodation. (Single Room Upgrade available)
  • High-quality camping gear, sleeping bags, air mattresses and warm cover
  • ALL entry and toll fees for sightseeing and temple exploration as per itinerary
  • All Meals are freshly prepared by our SOR chef(please advise for dietary requirements)
  • Endless supply of cool bottled water, soda
  • Evening refreshments of beers
  • 24hr Back-to-Base Support and First aid equipment
  • eSIM card(Please make sure your phone is eSIM compatible)
  • Travel Insurance in Mongolia(covers up to 4750EUR in )(does not cover emergency helicopter/vehicle or motorbike damages)
  • We recommend bringing your own gear to be the most comfortable. BUT we also offer helmets, jackets, gloves, raincoats, boots, and knee guards. Please consult us on available sizes beforehand.
  • SOR Surprise


  • International Flight fee
  • International Travel Insurance - Mandatory(must cover off-road motorcycling in Asia & Emergency transportation)
  • Tourist Visa
  • Motorbike Riding Gear(Some gear is available for hire, please let us know in advance)
  • Other personal expenses
  • Any items not mentioned as included are not included.

Steppe Off-Road | SOR are designed for riders seeking the ultimate adventure touring, exploring the wild side of the real Mongolia!!

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