Food and Accommodation


All meals during the tour are included in the tour price. Food is always diverse enough to please a crowd and easy on the stomach!


We provide a freshly made breakfast every morning while you are on tour. It generally includes(but is not limited to) all your usual favorites, such as bacon, eggs, sausages, bread, beans, cereals/muesli, and much more.


We will stop for a lunch break about halfway through each day of adventuring, where everything is taken care of without missing anything. Lunch will usually be in the form of a packed lunch meal that the SOR chef made. It includes fresh bread rolls with several fresh ingredients such as ham, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, onions, and sauces. Alternatively, we may occasionally provide you with noodles, soups, rice plates, etc.


Dinner will be a tasty, nutritious meal that will replenish the lost energy during the tour prepared by our SOR chef, using only fresh ingredients, including free-range cow, lamb, and local vegetables. You can suggest the next dinner idea, whether a western style or a local one.


Of course, we also have to mention drinks! A free constant supply of ice-cold bottled water and soft drinks will always be easily accessible from the support trucks fridge. Ice-cold beer after retiring our bikes for the day will always be available!


Enjoy our excellent overnight ger camps and high-quality tent camps. When you get down from a hard day of riding, you can always enjoy an ice-cold beer while you kick back, relax and unwind after the events in comfort. Although we travel through the most remote locations in Mongolia, we always get to a cozy ger camp or planned tent camping location each day.